Ruby, Python and Perl based d3pie, Google Charts, Chart.js, plotly.js, Matplotlib and Seaborn charting demonstration and configurable static site generator

Charting Demo Info

This Ruby script run.rb is a static site generator. It data mines or text mines a folder of XML Schema files as well as the MIT License (only for the d3pie charts) and generates statistics on elements and attributes (the XML Schema) or on words (the License).

The config file: config.xml stores most of the websites configuration information and can be easily customized.

A fancy feature is the ability to switch between using all d3pie, Google Charts, Chart.js or plotly.js based pie charts just by changing the config entry chart_type to one of d3pie, google, chartjs or plotly.

The site config entry chart_type can be set to all which displays all chart types, each chart type on its own page.

The home page has a selection of both d3pie JavaScript charts and some PNG charts created from using the Python packages Seaborn and Matplotlib.

For all four styles of pie charts we have both Donut and Pie style charts.

The advantage of the d3pie chart is its interactive clickable pie charts pieces.

The advantage of the Google Chart pie chart is its in built ability to create a chart legend.

The advantage of the Chart.js pie chart is its interactive clickable legend.

The plotly.js pie charts are by far the most interactive out of the box.

Even the file is created from the config.xml config file.

Demo can be seen here: Slurp Code - Charts

This repository is built with

  1. macOS High Sierra
  2. macOS X El Capitan
  3. Windows 10
  4. Homebrew
  5. Chocolatey
  6. Ruby
  7. RubyMine
  8. Rubocop
  9. rbenv
  10. ruby-build
  11. kramdown
  12. RubyCritic
  13. Bundler
  14. Chroma
  15. CSV gem
  16. Atom
  17. linter
  18. linter-pylint
  19. linter-rubocop
  20. Sublime Text
  21. SublimeLinter
  22. SublimeLinter-pylint
  23. SublimeLinter-rubocop
  24. Sublime Text Markdown Preview
  25. Python
  26. PyCharm
  27. Seaborn
  28. pandas
  29. Matplotlib
  30. Pylint
  31. Perl
  32. cloc
  33. d3pie
  34. D3
  35. Google Charts
  36. Chart.js
  37. plotly.js
  38. HTML5
  39. CSS3
  40. Bootstrap
  41. jQuery
  42. JSON
  43. JavaScript
  44. YAML
  45. XML
  46. XML Schema
  47. Regular expressions
  48. Concatenation
  49. Git
  50. GitHub Desktop
  51. GitHub Pages
  52. GitHub:buttons
  53. Flag Counter
  54. Sitemaps
  55. Markdown
  56. robots.txt
  57. Portable Network Graphics
  58. ICO
  59. GIF
  60. CSV
  61. Text file
  63. MacVim
  64. RVM

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